ypc is a chat website that a user can setup by himself. Therefor you only need a hosting place like a vps.

You can get a vps for cheap at many hosters so this shouldn't be a problem.

ypc's api is coded in python and based on the framework flask. At the end the end user should just need to download the pack of files, unpack it

and install the installation file and all should be running perfectly. A step by step guide will be in the README and the installation should explain itself.

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  • Backend
  • login
  • registration
  • password management (for the server)
  • administrator registration
  • user management (for the server)
  • version management (for server admin)
  • user management (for chat admin)
  • chat management (for chat admin)
  • Frontend
  • Login
  • Register
  • Admin Panel
  • Chat