About me

Who is Drainyyy?

Who is Drainyyy?

Hey, I am Drainyyy.

I am a 15 y/o developer and gamer from germany.

I started developing when I was round about 10.

Surely I didn't code good stuff. My sister told me how to write some print statements in java and I felt like a big hacker.

I didn't learned any more programming until I was 12 and started with skidding Minecraft plugins.

I haven't learned the basics of programming so wasn't able to do shit alone. But I didn't want to learn java from beginning so I decided to go the skid way. I started to skid discord bots and when I noticed that I can't do things alone I decided to learn python.

Python was the first language I learned from beginning I really like it. So I started some projects in Python, but none of them were completed except ToxicBot. With the rework of Toxic I learned how to work with Postgresql, APIs etc.

Then I started learning Java from beginning and here I am. A mediocre developer.